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As of August 2022, we are available in Berlin and in Bielefeld to promote your Tennessee products or services to European audiences: with a focus on PR, social media and events, and particularly in the German-speaking markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are not the representatives of the State of Tennessee, but a private enterprise. Tennessee Experts Europe is a division of Textransfer Communications.

Our expertise is based on very solid knowledge of Tennessee, a deep understanding of Europe, and particularly its media, with unparalleled experience and success in promoting Tennessee to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Tennessee is precious to us, and we hold a unique set of resources to help Tennessee being successful in Europe.

Just a small selection of services:

So much at a first glance, more to come soon. To contact us, please use our form or write to info]at[tn-experts.eu.

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Tennessee Experts Europe (TEE)
A division of:
Textransfer Communications,
Dr. Wolfgang Streitboerger
Am Weidendamm 1A * 10117 Berlin * Germany
Phone +49-30-7262-5190
S- und U-Bahn light rail: Friedrichstrasse