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HINWEIS: Für deutschsprachige Reiseinformationen über Tennessee und weitere Südstaaten gehen Sie bitte zu Deep South USA. Ausführliche Informationen auf Deutsch über Memphis finden Sie bei Memphis Travel.

Since August 2022, we have been available in Berlin and in Bielefeld to promote your Tennessee products or services to European audiences: with a focus on PR, social media and events, and particularly in the German-speaking markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are not the representatives of the State of Tennessee, as we were from 1996 to June 2022, but now a private enterprise. Tennessee Experts Europe is a division of Textransfer Communications.

Our expertise is based on very solid knowledge of Tennessee, a deep understanding of Europe, and particularly its media, with unparalleled experience and success in promoting Tennessee's tourism assets to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Tennessee is precious to us, and we hold a unique set of resources to help Tennessee entities being successful in Europe.

Just a small selection of services:

To contact us, please use our form or write to info]at[tn-experts.eu.

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Tennessee Experts Europe (TEE)
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